Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm back, for a limited time only,

Okay, no more promises folks on when I'll be posting because things are just busy, busy right now... so, my apologies for not posting as quickly as possible.

Awesome news about Jim Mattson celebrating 20 years with the station... and it's great that HOINEWS.com is posting a tribute to the veteran sports anchor.

Jim's got quite a few fans in the area and I'm glad to say I'm one of them... perhaps it's because he's a Cub's fan... and us Cub's fans stick together... actually, it's because he's made sport's reports such an interesting segment to watch on 19 for many years. Just mention the word "Heartstopper" to anyone in the area... and I bet you they can identify Jim Mattson.

Here's hoping for 20 more years of Jim Mattson on 19!!!

Alright now down to some issues,

HOI 19... okay, the set was a great relief to those of us who couldn't stand the old set... but now viewers comparing your set to WMBD's new set... well, it pales in comparison...

WMBD revamped and it makes both 19 and 25 look really "small town". My guess is that 25 is going to make changes to their set quickly to compete with 31, because I have to tell you... that set of 31's is one to be jealous of.

The logo isn't too bad either.

I just had to say that.

More postings soon to come, gosh I hope, in the mean time, go check out Jessamyn's WMBD blog... it's updated and look's great...

See ya soon.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

HOINEWS.com Has a Blog Directory

It's about time that a television station dedicated a page to local blogs and discussion outlets and I'm part of the community site.

HOINEWS.com now has a Heart of Illinois Blog Directory page and I'm located under the Television & Radio page.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Laura Michels "You've Got Heart"

Oh... how I love this idea from HOI 19.

The station is beginning a new segment called "You've Got Heart", which seems to perhaps look like a "Hometown Heroes" type segment the station is trying out.

It's okay for 19 to take from 25... 25 took from 19, remember the "One Class at a Time"/"Golden Apple" debacle from blogs past???

Anyways, Laura Michels is taking the lead on this one it seems... she is asking for nominees to drop the station a line at the special "You've Got Heart" page.

Love this idea though... let's bring the "Heart" back to 19!!!

Okay Kim, I'll Chat More About Gretchen

I watch HOI 19 News Daybreak and I indeed realize that Gretchen Wirtz is starring in the theatre production of "High School Musical" playing at the "Corn Stock Theatre" throughout April I believe.

It's an awesome gig for Gretchen and I know she will do a great job. If I'm not mistaken, she's playing a teacher, correct?

Could this be a lanching pad for our 19's Gretchen Wirtz. First local theatre, then perhaps broadway... and then maybe starring in a sitcom or drama with dare I say, David Duchovny???

The New Set... Atleast it Looks Better!!!

So it's here.

The new set.

Well, is it new? Or is it just a replica of the old time WHOI-TV set, with a desk and a cityscape of Peoria???

Anyways, the new set gets my vote. It's about time the station tried something to look better, and I think they accomplished it with this new set.

I like it, really I do... but I'm wondering if I like it because it's just different than the old set?

The brick motife, along with the window looking out to the Peoria cityscape and the brighter colors are welcoming.

I'm wondering now if WHOI-TV is still working on a different look to Ric, Gretchen, and Jessica's weather center.

The only thing that is the same is that... it's only obvious they just spruced it up with giving it sort of a den paneled front.

Also, the automated cameras are cheap, and it shows... during the Monday night broadcast, poor Jim Mattson's "Jim Dandy" piece was overshadowed when the automated camera came in to shot.

The station is working on the kinks though. Tonight's HOI NEWS AT 5pm and 6pm looked a heck of lot better.

Jeff's now wondering if perhaps new theme music and a new graphics package might be added in the coming weeks as Jen Christensen returns from maternity leave???

That would be more welcoming news for the #1 TV station in the "Heart of Illinois".

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Little off the Subject, However it's 19 Related

Okay, I just can't wait until Thursday on HOI.

Not because of the news... although it's a fave of mine. But because it's the return of brand spanking new ABC shows.

My absolute favorite show (if you're not watching... you are missing out) is "Grey's Anatomy". Let me tell you how big of a freak I am. Not only do I have Season 1 and 2 on DVD... and the musical soundtracks of Season 1 and 2... but I've also ordered a couple of things from ABC.com including a Grey's Anatomy coffee mug, and some Grey's gear.

ABC is sooo over priced... but the stuff is worth it.

So if you see a guy around town sporting a Grey's Anatomy cap... you'll know it's me.

Gretchen Wirtz at 10pm???

I had to delete the last blog... because of the large amounts of spam, and the fact that I couldn't keep it completely up to date... but the last post I had up had comments about Gretchen Wirtz filling in for Jen Christensen at 10pm.

I saw Gretchen on those 10pm newscasts and thought she did terrific... and was excited that she's been with HOI 19 for such a long time now... I hope she stays there for a while, and that they are paying her good money (don't everyone start laughing at once).

Gretchen at 10pm works, but she's too good in the morning. I just couldn't imaging not waking up and turning on the tube to find Gretchen and Mark on 19. It's now become my new routine... "Daybreak" is the show to watch!

Local Investigative Journalism??? Really???

Love, Love, Love Nishi Gupta's "Fact Finder" reports... and I Love, Love, Love that HOINEWS.com has dedicated a page to them.

It's so refreshing to see these kind of reports on one of our local TV stations. It's like a brief local "60 Minutes", "Primetime Live", "Dateline" type report.

Keep it up 19!!!

Theme Package Flip Flop

Okay... so you know how I liked HOI's theme music???

Well, I spoke too soon. Because after hearing it over and over and over and over again... it just plain sucks!

It doesn't even sound like it syncs up right... when you hear it playing during the STOCKS, or COMING UP parts of the newscast, listen closely... it seems to skip.

I'm hoping this is temporary music. I haven't been able to find the composer on Southern Media's webpage... so I'm hoping I'm right.

Sooooo Did Not Keep My New Years Resolution

Okay, so I didn't keep my "New Year's Resolution" by posting new subjects here at the HOI fan blog... but that doesn't mean that I haven't been watching... I have, really I have.

Which means I have just tons to gab about.

First, I should probably address the new look to the site.

It's a blogger template... because my other page looked too professional. I hadn't checked my email in a while... and it seemed like so much of that mail was either (1) spam... lots of spam, (2) commenters, and (3) viewers who believed that my site was part of HOINEWS.com.

That last one gets me... because it was clearly written that I WAS NOT AFFILIATED WITH WHOI-TV... but, still folks thought I was.

So, I emailed them back that I wasn't affiliated with 19... and decided to have a site that was just plain and ordinary.

This site looks as dull as HOI 19's new theme music package sounds. (rim shot anyone?)

I'm still a fan though.